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ITIL Service Operation Certification -> DONE.


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Deployment Strategy

Questions that must be answered include:
– What needs to be deployed?
– Who are the users?
– Are there locations dependencies?
– Where are the users?
– Who else needs to be prepared well in advance? (training, security, etc)
– When does the deployment happening?
– What are the critical success factors and exit criteria?
– What is the current capability of the service provider?

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Deployment Plan

Typically the release and deployment plans should document the:
– Scope and content of the release;
– The risk assessment for the release;
– Affected stakeholders;
– Teams involved on the release;
– Communication strategy to be used during the release and deployment process.

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Release Plan

For each release, plans should be authorized by Change Management and used to assist in the evaluation of the risk and impact.

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Release unit

A “Release unit” describes the portion of a service or IT infrastructure that’s normally released together according to the release policy.

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Metrics should be linked to business goals…
And to:
– Costs;
– Availability;
– Reliability;
– Customer satisfaction.

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In a “perfect world” those could be the representatives for a CAB meeting:
– Change Management team member (could be the manager).
– Configuration team member.
– Application developer.
– Production team member.
– Business member (customer).
– Technical experts.

But the important thing is, rather than having a static list of members, the CAB should include both static and dynamic members who will attend based on the needs for the changes being discussed.

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