It’s primary purpose is to provide effective and efficient capabilities for fulfilling requests, questions and queries that are placed upon the IT by users.


This is an area where the automation side of DevOps really comes into play.
– Automated deployment.
– Automated testing.
– Continuous delivery and integration.

For me, the DevOps main goal for Change Management is to put everyone to communicate on a proactive way and not on a reactive way.

Governance is setting direction,
Management is about bringing goals into real life and report the results.


Do you know all?

    • Usability testing.
    • Accessibility testing.
    • Process and procedure testing.
    • Knowledge transfer testing.
    • Performance, capacity and resilience testing.
    • Volume, stress, load and scalability testing.
    • Availability, backup and recovery testing.
    • Security testing
    • Deployment and migration testing.
    • Build, packaging and distribution testing.



      In a perfect world, on build and test phase, those are the environments that may be utilized:

      – Build environments;
      – Testing and integration environments;
      – Pilot environments;
      – Backup and recovery environments.

      Deployment Plan

      For each release, plans should be authorized by Change Management and used to assist in the evaluation of the risk, impact and resource requirements for components of the change.